Learn Spanish

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with 480 million
    native speakers

  • There are 21 countries that have Spanish as an official language

  • Spanish is the third most studied language in the world, and the first in the US

Spanish Courses
  • Beginner level (A1-A2)

  • Intermediate level (A2-B1)

  • Advanced level (B1-B2)

  • Very advanced level (C1)


Exam Preparation

We will help you prepare for your official DELE or SIELE exam.


Self-Study Support

For people who are studying Spanish on their own.



One-to-one tutoring adjusted to your needs.


Business Spanish

Course aimed at working professionals.

We will practice language skills for meetings, presentations, and correspondence.



- For advanced students (B1 or above)

- For A1-A2 levels

Español para las vacaciones

This short course will help you communicate effectively in Spanish when travelling.